Ruminant Feeds

Based on the Lincolnshire Heath, we grow and manufacture feed pellets for your animals’ needs. All of our raw materials are fully traceable and produced on farm.

Using just three nutritional base ingredients, we offer two varieties of consistent, high quality, non-GMO feed pellets – Grass/Cereal and Grass/Cereal/Pea.

1. How can we meet your requirements?

Simple process to achieve two pellets of a differing level of protein.

2. Benefits of the two pellets

  • Very palatable
  • Highly digestible and efficiently utilised
  • Green and pure
  • Raw materials cut at optimum stage meaning all the vitamins and minerals are locked within the plants
  • Consistent ingredient inclusion
  • Grass, barley and peas are fully traceable
  • Suitable to be fed as a complimentary feed
  • Good maintenance diet
  • Addition of minerals to 18% protein pellet

3. Suitability

A ewe needs to meet its nutritional requirements throughout the differing stages of the breeding cycle. Feed rates will vary according to condition, lambing percentage and the type and quality of forage available.


13% Protein 18% Protein
To complement poor forage during the year
Pre-tupping and tupping ewes
Ewes in their final trimester of pregnancy
Ewes in lactation
Store lamb complementary feed

The time of year can affect the feed value of grass for both a beef and dairy cow. According to production each cow’s requirements differ, so it is important to adjust the diet to suit individual cows.

Beef & Dairy Cow
13% Protein 18% Protein
Feeding to maintain condition High output dairy cows
To compliment poor forage during the year Calves
Dry cow maintenance
Fattening bullocks up to killing weight
Cows which are out wintered
Suckler cow supplement
Beef Grower

4. Availability

  • Both pellets are available all year round
  • Available from buying groups
  • Full analysis and samples available on request
  • 6mm & 12mm pellet sizes
  • Contract basis

For further detail, or to place an order, please contact us on 01522 810264 or email

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