Blankney Farm Update – 15 March 2022

The weather over the last few days feels like Spring!

Crops are showing good signs of growth. However, the oil fields are a different place, with the impact of the tragedy in Ukraine.  Severity of supply of our required crop inputs and the impact of rapidly increasing costs – particularly fuel – must be a worry not just to us, but the wider farming community.

We continue to harvest the remaining fields of sugar beet – and we have had a good year, yielding 86.6t p/ha.

We continue to drill spring barley and are now under sowing this crop with grass and Lucerne.

Our vining peas started drilling last week and will complete tomorrow. Our combining pea crop will follow – the vining going for fresh peas for freezing and the combining peas going into our 18% ruminant feed.

We continue to supply malting barley to Coors and wheat to Burgess Pet Care and ADM.

Animal feed sales have been very popular and have put our production plant under pressure recently – we are now in the lambing season so we are now doing everything to keep in line with our farmer customer needs.