Blankney Farm Update – 21 August 2019

We have completed our Oilseed Rape harvest, which was disappointing with yields 20% below our 5 year average – this is a result of significant Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle pest damage. There are no effective controls for this pest, which makes growing the crop very high risk and in this particular year, we have made a significant loss.

Harvest 7 – Spring Barley has started and we are now currently 76% through the crop. We currently have good, above average yields, all of a good malting quality; a good proportion of the resulting Malt will be delivered to MolsonCoors, to produce beers such as Carling.

Harvest 8 – Winter Wheat – we are now 37% though this crop and were pleased with our above average yields. Deliveries of this crop have already begun, supplying local feed mills at Billinghay and Navenby, with the wheat ending up as poultry feed.