Blankney Farm Update – 23 December 2022

Sugar Beet harvest continues with 58% of the crop having now been lifted; this is despite a stoppage for a week due to the recent frosty weather.

We continue to drill Spring Barley, with 25% of the crop now drilled on the Heath.

We have started our winter programme for water abstraction and we are pleased to now have 45% of our summer water needs stored in our reservoirs.

Finally, over the last two years we have started to grow a crop called ‘Sanfoin’; we presently have two full fields of Sanfoin, with potential to add a third next year. Sanfoin suits our soil type very well and we are beginning to learn how to grow it successfully and with more confidence.

It appears to be growing in popularity as an equine feed, but we were interested to learn through one of our customers that elephants also enjoy this crop!