Blankney Farm Update – 28 April 2020

During these challenging times we have maintained our operations following the Governments advice, we are still farming, manufacturing animal feeds and Chlorophyll, whilst at all times trying to keep everyone safe. After a record wet winter period, we have now had the driest April, 2.4mm, since 1948; in 1957 we had 4.8mm and 2007 4.2mm.

We have now established all our combinable crops of Spring Barley, Spring Beans, Spring Peas, Vining Peas and are now busy drilling Maize. Sugar Beet has established well too.  All crops need rain desperately and we have started irrigating grass for Chlorophyll use. Drying operations have started early this year too.

In all, a challenging spring.

But all of that is insignificant when it comes to our own national emergency. Our awe inspiring, dedicated NHS and our Government who have led us and deserve our total support.