Blankney Farm Update – 4 September 2019

We completed Harvest 7 – the Spring Barley crop, with a final yield result 5% above our 5 year average, all of good malting quality. An excellent result fo rfurther Carling brewing!

Harvest 8 – Our Winter Wheat crop, we hope to finish in the next two days. Again, a good year for our wheat, with our heath soils achieving our 5 year average and our heavy soils being 20% above their average.

Harvest 9 – Spring Beans, has started and will finish today. Our beans are grown for either the feed or human consumption markets. Falafel is becoming more popular in the UK but the majority of our beans will be exported to Egypt.

Harvest 10 – The Sugar Beet crop is due to start on 17th September, with the opening of British Sugar’s Newark factory. The crop looks well and we look forward to delivery beet so that you can all have some Silver Spoon sugar in your tea!