Blankney Farm Update – 7 February 2023

Sugar Beet harvest is now nearing the end, with just the final few fields needing harvesting over the next few weeks. We have largely escaped the impact of frost; although we didn’t lose any whole fields, frost damage this year has impacted our yields, reducing them by 3-5 tonnes per hectare, depending on variety.

Spring Barley drilling is now ongoing and we hope to finish establishing this crop by the end of the month. We will then start on establishing grass and lucerne leys, oversown with Spring Barley.

All of our irrigation reservoirs are full and our most recent Soil Moisture Deficit probe readings have shown that our soils are drying out – this will allow us to start organic manure spreading from the anaerobic digestive plant.

Follwowing on from our previous update – for further information relating to Springwell Solar Farm Development – please visit this page on the Blankney website for further information. You will also find a link in the drop down menu at the top of this page.