Blankney Farm Update 9 June 2023

Over this last two weeks, we have seen some excellent crop growth!

We remain very busy with our crop drying hay and lucerne and our timothy crop is now just two weeks away from harvest.

The viners will be starting next week and by the end of the month, we will begin harvesting our own peas.

The winter barley crop is now pencilled in for harvest next week, where it will go as forage to Heath Farm Energy – the AD Plant on the Estate.

Sanfoin grass is starting to flower nicely, so those local to us should be able to spot some pretty pink fields in the coming days and weeks; however, whilst they may look incredibly appealing, care must be taken as they will be full of bees!

Finally, we would like to offer a very big congratulations to one of our customers, who won 1st prize at the Louth Livestock Market earlier this week – a very worthy winner of our feed!