Blankney’s Resident Birds

5th May 2018

In August 2017, Blankney Estates made the recently constructed Estate Office at Temple Grange their new home, succeeding the old Estate Office in Blankney village and the old Farm Office, which was also based at Temple Grange. However, it wasn’t just some of Blankney’s employees which moved into the new office – we were delighted to welcome a couple of wild, House Martins, who have also opted to make The Estate Office their new home. As you can see in the recent photos below, the birds are currently in the early stages of constructing their new nest, just below the roof of the office, on the fa├žade of the building.

9th May 2018

UPDATE: The House Martins are not hanging about! Fast progress is being made in the construction of their new nest – structurally, the nest seems to be very sound! The House Martins were joined by a sighting of a wild English Partridge, which has decided to take a short break from its day, to make the most of the recent good weather.

11th May 2018

Job done! Mr and Mrs Martin have finished renovations to their new home and have now moved in permanently. We shall await the next instalment of this developing life story!